March 27, 2011


As the last snowdrifts finally melt my husband and I are watching the beautiful lines of our new backyard and patio emerge, and I continue to marvel at how it all works: the granite steps, brickwork, stone wall, flowerbeds and sculpted lawn. I am optimistic that the tree trimming you completed in the fall will allow in more light and help our new grass thrive.

I know that when we first talked about the project I envisioned something smaller: mostly the removal of that old ugly deck, with the eventual goal of a patio we could enjoy. I’m so glad that you helped me see that it made more sense to do the entire project at once. The view out every back window of the house was radically changed. It was actually pretty over the winter. We could see visiting birds and the holly bush; even the raspberry canes poking through the snow at the back of the yard looked sculptural. Who knew? Well, you did.

I’m also happy that you were able to recycle so much material: the wood from the old deck, all the existing brick, and even those old marble planks a previous owner had installed. The way you worked those into the design not only saved us some money but provided a sense of continuity. I feel like we were able to value time and effort invested by people who lived here before us while still making the backyard our own.

So, thank you for your amazing work. (Thank you for coming in under budget!) I’ll e-mail you some snapshots of the patio and yard as it looked last fall, but know that I’ve planted all sorts of perennials since then. Once the flowerbeds fill in I’ll send more photos.

Sincerely, Linda

Concord, NH


April 5, 2012


Susan and I wanted to write you a short note to say how pleased we are with the work you have done over the past several summers.  The retaining wall, landscaping and patio results have far exceeded anything we could have imagined.  Your well thought out responses to our vague ideas, coupled with your design expertise start a process that is quite enjoyable. Your homework is always fun…visit landscape supply businesses to choose materials.  Your work ethic is exceptional.  You and Chad are totally dependable, incredibly neat, careful and respectful of your surroundings and completely trustworthy.  The end result far surpasses our expectations and the budget is always on target.  We can unequivocally offer our recommendation to anyone asking.

Jeff and Susan in Bow, NH


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